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Our Transit Future studies and plans for enhanced transit investments in the Triangle Region. Housed in GoTriangle, providers of regional bus and paratransit service and alternative commuting programs, we work with other transportation providers, municipal governments, state and federal agencies and other transportation planning organizations to bring the Triangle’s Transit Future to life!

Key Transit Players

Today in the Triangle, commuters have access to comprehensive public bus service systems.  Each municipality and a few universities provide mass transit on a daily basis and additional circulator buses for special events (for example, games and fairs) while GoTriangle provides regional service, connecting communities to work centers and the airport.

GoTriangle (Regional Transit Service)  GoSmart (information on bus, bike, and alternative modes)

Wake County  GoRaleigh, Wolfline (NCSU)     Cary C-Tran

Orange County    Chapel Hill Transit     Orange County Public Transportation

Durham County GoDurham    Duke Transit

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