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Public transit is a vital service that will help our region grow to be more sustainable, vibrant and connected. Our local municipalities, planning agencies, transit providers and GoTriangle are working hard to ensure that our region as the transit systems we need for the 21st century. But we can’t do it alone.

Every public transit system relies on the residents it serves to provide feedback to make the system better and inform us and their elected representatives what they want to see in a transit system.

We invite you to participate in our planning processes and learn more about transit by signing up for email updates, attending our meetings, reading the information available on this website and sending any comments or questions to us at

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Transit service providers are working hard to implement the projects and initiatives identified in the county transit plans. Visit this page periodically to find opportunities to learn more about current projects.

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Feedback from users and potential users of the transit system is essential to improving our transportation network and setting a vision for a transit system. If you have thoughts about the transit systems in the triangle, please send us an email.

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