Durham-Orange Corridor Alternatives Analysis Report

April 30th, 2012
April 30th, 2012
April 30th, 2012

In April 2012, Triangle Transit released a  final Alternatives Analysis report on the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit project.  An Alternatives Analysis summarizes the purpose and need for a transit project and communicates a locally preferred alternatives for three elements:  the corridor (where it goes), the technology (what kind of vehicle, traditional bus, light rail, commuter rail, etc.) and stations.

You can read the AA report online or download pieces or the entirety of the report.

Alternatives Analysis Final Report

Durham-Orange_Alternatives Analysis_Final_Report  (reduced resolution for the web | 25 MB|PDF)

Appendices for the D-O AA Report  (15 MB|PDF)

Detailed Definition and Evaluation of Alternatives

Volume 1: Detailed Definition of Alternative Technical Report

D-O Vol 1 Detailed Definition of Alternatives (11.2 MB | PDF)
D-O Vol 1 Det Def of Alts Appendices A (Station Eval.) & B (Const. Impacts) (7.91 MB| PDF)

Volume 2: Conceptual Plans and Profiles

D-O Vol 2 Plans and Profiles – Index, Key Index & Typ Sect. ( 21 MB| PDF)
D-O Vol 2 Plans and Profiles – Segments A & B, UNC to Friday Center (6.48 MB | PDF)
D-O Vol 2 Plans and Profiles – Segments C & D Friday Center to Cornwallis (22.19 MB | PDF)
D-O Vol 2 Plans and Profiles – Segment E Cornwallis to Alston Ave (11 MB | PDF)
D-O Vol 2 Plans and Profiles – Rail O & M Facility and Bus Rapid Transit (35 MB | PDF)

Volume 3: Capital Cost Estimates, Operations and Maintenance Cost Estimates, Travel Times and Distance Calculations, Ridership Summaries and Station to Station Ridership Forecasts.

D-O Vol 3 Cap Cost Est, O&M Est, Travel Times & Ridership (9 MB | PDF)

Volume 4: Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Assessment Report

D-O Vol 4 TOD Assessments (31.8 MB | PDF)

Volume 5: Traffic Analysis Technical Report
D-O Volume 5 Traffic Analysis (5 MB| PDF)

Traffic Sub-folder with Appendices

Durham-Orange – Appendix A – Peak Hour Data(4.5 MB | PDF)
Durham-Orange – Appendix B – Model Validation (450 KB | PDF)
Durham-Orange – Appendix C – Traffic Forecast Development (20 KB | PDF)
Durham-Orange – Appendix D – Overall Trip Distribution (1.5 MB | PDF)
Durham-Orange – Appendix E – Traffic Capacity Analysis (77 KB | PDF)
Durham-Orange – Appendix F – Report Lanes, Volumes, Times (18 MB | PDF)
Durham-Orange – Appendix G – Phased Roadway Improvements (2 MB | PDF)

Durham-Orange Addendum to Detailed Def of Alternatives (August 2011)  (1.6 MB|PDF)

Conceptual Definition of Alternatives

Durham-Orange Conceptual Alternatives (January 2011)  (61 pages, 3.7 MB|PDF)

Purpose and Need

Durham-Orange Corridor Purpose & Need Report (December 2010)   (70 pages, 3,9 MB | PDF)

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