Bus Improvements


Because you voted yes, bus services are rapidly improving in Durham and Orange County.

As provided for in the Bus and Rail Investment plans for Durham County and Orange County, transit providers have been offering new services like year-round night service provided by Chapel Hill Transit, introducing fixed route services in Orange County, 15-minute service corridors and bus stop amenity improvements by GoDurham, and regional Sunday service from GoTriangle.

Below are several resources to help you see the improvements being made to the area transit systems, including: maps of service improvements and letters that detail funds that were made available by the sales tax.

Bus Improvements because you voted yes

Chapel Hill Transit

•   2013: Chapel Hill Transit added year-round night service routes: CM, CW, D and J, which had no night service during the summer months.

•   2014: the NS, A and D received extra weekday trips. The D and FG got a few more weekend trips too. Check out the maps below for a closer look!


2013_Chapel-Hill_Saturday Improvements



Orange County Public Transportation

•   2015: Orange Public Transportation (OPT) began offering new midday services and new route extensions. They continue planning for additional fixed route services. Click on the map below to learn more.


GoDurham (formerly Durham Area Transit Authority, DATA)

•   2013: Frequency on route 1, 5 and 10 was improved from 30 minute frequency to 15 minute frequency between noon and 6 p.m.

•   2014: GoDurham improved the frequency of route 15, making it an all-day hourly service and route 12 making it a 30 minute frequency service.

•   2015: GoDurham increased frequency to routes 5 and 10 between 7 and noon.


GoTriangle (formerly Triangle Transit)

•   2013: GoTriangle increased the frequency of route 800 during peak commute times to every 15 minutes.

•   2014: The ODX was introduced, offering service between Durham, Duke and Hillsborough during peak commute times. Sunday service was added to routes 100, 400, 700 and 800.

•   2015: the ODX service was extended to Mebane, and the DRX and CRX received additional peak period trips. Be sure to check out the maps for more details.


Annual Funding Available to Chapel Hill Transit and Orange Public Transit

2013 Orange County Sales Tax Funding Letter

2014 Orange County Sales Tax Funding Letter

2015 Orange County Sales Tax Funding Letter

2016 Orange County Sales Tax Funding Letter


Annual Funding Available to GoDurham and Durham County

2013 Durham County Sales Tax Funding Letter

2014 Durham County Sales Tax Funding Letter

2015 Durham County Sales Tax Funding Letter

2016 Durham County Sales Tax Funding Letter


Bus and Rail Investment Plan Progress Reports

GoTriangle publishes progress reports on the bus and rail investment plan annually. These reports are a great resource for seeing how much revenue was been brought in and  spent during the fiscal year. It also describes a few of the next steps for transit in Durham and Orange County.