Durham-Orange Corridor

Thank you for your interest in the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project.

The Durham-Orange corridor has some of the highest projected trips in the region. This corridor includes 3 major universities, three major medical centers and a number of residential and commercial areas.

Light Rail was chosen for this corridor because it serves urban and suburban areas with close stops well, provides solid anchors that help shape land use along the corridor and it serves people in the corridor more cost-effectively in the long term.

Look at the information below, use our survey to tell us what you think of the project and if you have any questions send an email to info@ourtransitfuture.com.

Please note: GoTriangle is hopeful that U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will will publish the Notice of Availability for the D-O LRT Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Draft Section 4(f) Evaluation in the “Federal Register” on Friday August 28, 2015, thus beginning the formal 45-day public review and comment period. GoTriangle anticipates that the review and comment period will end on October 12, 2015. Questions/comments submitted during the public comment period Comments received will NOT receive a reply. Responses to substantive comments will be provided in the combined Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)/Record of Decision (ROD).

Project Overview

Link to PDF: Project Fast Facts

Click this link to view a few fast facts about the proposed Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project.

Link to Image: D-O LRT Project Map

Click this link to view an overview map of the D-O LRT Project.


External Link: Interactive Project Map

Click this link to view an interactive map of the project’s alignment.

Internal Link: Frequently Asked Questions

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Internal Link to Key Documents

Click this link to view some key documents for the D-O LRT project.

Link to Webpage: Basis for Engineering Design

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D-O LRT Project Flythrough

Information from Past Meetings

Link to Nov. Meeting Materials Click this link to view project materials shared at public meetings held in November of 2014.
Link to Meeting Materials: March 2015 Click this link to view materials shared at the March 2015 public information sessions.
Link to Meeting Materials: June 2015 Click this link to view meeting materials shared at the June public information sessions.

Comments Received

Link to Internal Webpage: Public Comment Received Click this link to view comments received from the public over the course of the project.
Link to Internal Webpage: Comments from Regulatory Agencies and Entities with Jurisdiction Click this link to view comments received from regulatory agencies and bodies with jurisdictions over areas the D-O LRT Project affects.

Get Involved

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