Transit Facilities

Your experience getting to your stop and waiting for the bus is just as important as your trip. The county transit plans will provide funding for projects designed to improve your experience at transit stops and facilities. They also include funding to operate, maintain and replace these facilities at the end of their useful lives.

Transit Stop Improvements

Construction of facilities such as transfer centers as well as bus stop improvements, new signage, upgrades to real-time information systems and related studies. Projects identified in the plans include:

  • Additional bus stop signs in Orange County
  • Bus stop improvements throughout Durham and Orange County
  • Repairs and upgrades to bus shelter lighting in Chapel Hill
  • Bus stop improvements in Carrboro
  • System-wide bus stop amenities guidelines in Chapel Hill
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) bus stop upgrades in Chapel Hill
  • Bus stop improvements along the Hillsborough Circulator
  • Construction of a bus station along Manning Drive in front of UNC Hospitals
  • Construction of a new bus stop serving the Hillsborough Train Station
  • Roadway and bus shelter improvements at Patterson Place
  • Bus stop sign design and replacement in Chapel Hill
  • Phase 1 of a bus transfer center in Hillsborough
  • A neighborhood Transit Center at Southpoint Mall in South Durham
  • A neighborhood Transit Center at Wellons Village in East Durham
  • Three transit emphasis corridors along frequent service corridors in Durham

Access Improvements

These projects are designed to help riders access the transit system, through projects like sidewalks and greenways, intersection improvements and related studies. The access improvement projects identified include:

  • Constructing the Morgan Creek Greenway in Carrboro
  • Transit Access/Corridor Study of Estes Drive in Carrboro
  • Bike/Pedestrian improvements along Estes Drive between Carrboro and Chapel Hill
  • Completing the sidewalk along West Main St in Carrboro
  • Constructing a sidewalk along South Greensboro St in Carrboro
  • Installing a HAWK signal on NC 54 in Carrboro
  • Pedestrian access improvements along Orange Grove Road to the bus stop at Patriot’s Point
  • Improving bike/pedestrian connections to transit at an intersection in Orange County

Park-and-Ride Lots

Parking lots and associated amenities are planned to allow riders to drive to transit. The Park-and-Ride projects identified include:

  • Hillsborough along US-70
  • Mebane at Cone Health
  • Northern Durham
  • Woodcroft in Southwest Durham
  • Patterson Place Improvements
    • Roadway improvements to make service more efficient
    • Leasing park-and-ride spaces until the light rail project opens
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