Durham-Orange Light Rail Project

Durham & Orange Counties' Light Rail Project


Because you voted Yes


The D-O LRT Project is a 17.7 mile project that will provide over 26,000 trips to residents and commuters taking advantage of employment, healthcare and educational opportunities in Durham and Chapel Hill. The project will connect three of the top ten employers in the state (Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Health Care).

  • •  10 minute frequency during peak times, 20 minute frequency off-peak times
  • •  Operates in a dedicated guideway, separate from traffic
  • •  18 stations, 9 park-and-ride locations and connections to other transit services
  • •  The 17 bus routes that currently serve portions of the corridor can be rerouted to serve other areas of the community

This project will help control growth; foster compact development; create vibrant, walkable communities; and connect residents to jobs, healthcare and education opportunities. The light rail project will connect current and future transit services, including the Commuter Rail project and the Bus Rapid Transit project in Chapel Hill.