Neighborhood Resources

GoTriangle’s light rail project team makes every effort to provide up-to-date and personalized information to residents and neighborhoods along the D-O LRT Project. If you live in a neighborhood or own property near the D-O LRT Project and would like to learn more, you may request a presentation. You may also reach out to a member of our public involvement staff at or 919.485.7572. Below are  some resources that were created for neighborhoods which requested meetings with the project team.

Information about Property Values around Light Rail Stations

Downing Creek

Durham Regional Association of Realtors

Pope's Crossing

Responses Questions Submitted 8/30/15
[13 pages | 418 KB | PDF]

4/8/2016 Presentation to Neighborhood HOA
[53 pages | 17.6 MB | PDF]

10/19/2017 Presentation to Neighborhood HOA
[13 Pages | 1.3 MB | PDF]

Westgate Townes

4/26/16 Presentation to Neighborhood HOA
[26 pages | 2.98 MB | PDF]

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