Public Workshops – March 2011 – AAs for three corridors

March 25th, 2011
March 25th, 2011
March 25th, 2011

Upon completing Alternatives Analyses on three separate corridors in early 2011, Triangle Transit hosted 7 public workshops to share the Locally Preferred Alternatives (LPA) and criteria for evaluation.  Below are links to the full Alternatives Analysis documents as well as the boards and handouts presented at the Public Workshops.

Wake Corridor Alternatives Analysis document

Durham-Wake Corridor Alternatives Analysis document

Durham-Orange Alternatives Analysis document

Meeting locations (shown in flyers and ads on buses)

Our Transit Future Rd. 3 general flyerURS.008B_flyer_FINAL_Spanish



Roll Maps

Roll Maps are very large table top maps with aerial photography of the corridor marked with proposed alignment and stations.

Wake_Corridor_Roll_Map [PDF | 760 KB]

Durham-Wake_Corridor_Roll_Map [ PDF | 711 KB]

Durham-Orange_Corridor_Roll_Map  [PDF | 3.7 MB]


Growth in the Triangle

Welcome to the Public Workshop [PDF, 170 KB]

Initial study area for regional transit projects [PDF | 115 KB]

Projected population growth_in_Triangle [PDF | 179 KB]

Multiple concurrent transportation studies in the Triangle (2011) [PDF | 114 KB]

Selections of Initial Study Corridors  [PDF | 3.8 MB]

Alternatives Analysis: the process and the results

What is Alternatives Analysis?  [PDF | 424 KB]

Alternatives Analysis process_results in an LPA [PDF | 319 KB]

Wake_Corridor Purpose and Need board  [PDF | 551 KB]

Durham-Wake Purpose and Need board  [PDF |662 KB ]

Durham-Orange Purpose and Need board [PDF | 551 KB]

What_will_be_studied [PDF | 110 KB]

Conceptual Alternatives

Transit Technologies considered [PDF | 330 KB]

Proposed bus services connecting the Triangle  [PDF | 493 KB ]

Wake corridor screening criteria  [PDF | 2.2 MB ]

Durham-Wake corridor screening criteria [PDF |2.8 MB]

Durham-Orange corridor screening criteria [PDF | 2.2 MB]

Stations and Station Area Planning

Station_location selection considerations and process  [PDF|609 KB]

Sample Light Rail Transit stations [PDF | 1..7 MB]

Sample Commuter Rail Transit stations [PDF | 1.4 MB]

Sample Bus Rapid Transit stations [PDF | 973 KB]

Comments are welcome; Other details around transit planning

Existing and Future Bus Routes (March 2011) [PDF | 2 MB]

Potential Future Western Wake Commuter_Bus Service  [PDF |226 KB]

Possible Transit link serving RDU_Airport [PDF |636 KB]

Why_comment [PDF|268 KB]

Handouts (Fact Sheets)

Frequently Asked Questions (2011)  [PDF | 124 KB]

English-Spanish_glossary_terms [PDF | 71KB]

Wake Corridor Handout [PDF | 1 MB]

Durham-Wake Corridor Handout [PDF | 1.5 MB]

Durham-Orange Corridor Handout [PDF | 1.2 MB]

Fact Sheet about location withing Existing Railroad Corridor [PDF | 535 KB]

Fact Sheet about transit service to the RBC Center [PDF | 333 KB]

Fact Sheet about transit service for RDU airport [PDF | 1.4 MB]

Wake Map Handout  [PDF | 228 KB]

Durham-Orange Map Handout [PDF | 191 KB]

Comment Form (English) [PDF | 667 KB]

Comment Form (Spanish) [PDF | 667 KB]


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