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This section contains newsclips and announcements about transit and transportation planning in the Triangle region.  

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Local Partners Are Working to Support the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project (09-19-2016)
FTA announces TOD grants (09-16-2015)
Stopped in its tracks: N.C. puts cap on light-rail spending (09-15-2015)
NC budget could hinder local light rail (09-15-2015)
FTA announces the 21 winners of inaugural Transit-Oriented Development Planning Grants (09-15-2015)
New details on light rail planned from Chapel Hill to Durham (09-08-2015)
Milestone report moves Durham-Orange light rail forward (08-25-2015)
In North Carolina, a fast-growing region is at odds over how to address traffic congestion (06-26-2015)
Public weighs in on Durham-Orange light-rail line route (03-23-2015)
City and county planners take up light rail siting issues (02-04-2015)
Input from Government Agencies/Entities with Jurisdiction (02-02-2015)
Road Worrier: Cost-conscious Wake transit planners get more bang from a bus (01-26-2015)
Light rail plan makes Pettigrew Street a ‘transitway’ (01-15-2015)
Boulevard transit routing draws concern (01-14-2015)
Triangle Transit floats Pettigrew Street light-rail line option (01-13-2015)
Planners: Transit area housing affordable, for now (01-09-2015)
I-40 upgrades, Durham-Chapel Hill light rail on new NCDOT priority list (12-04-2014)
Durham-Orange LRT Corridor Video (10-24-2014)
DCIA looks at affordable housing by proposed light rail (10-22-2014)
Rail projects rise on the urgency meter for North Carolina's Triangle Transit Authority. (10-15-2014)
Nimble Transit Planning (08-28-2014)
Durham, Orange officials rank transit, road projects (08-28-2014)
Two-thirds of Research Triangle in on LRT (08-28-2014)
Triangle Transit readies to offer progress report on Durham-Orange light rail project (08-28-2014)
DOLRT Affected Properties (07-15-2014)
Triangle Transit gets federal approval to plan Durham-Orange light rail (02-26-2014)
Research Triangle Park plans for the biggest changes in 50 years (02-04-2014)
Request to Enter Durham-Orange LRT Project Development (12-31-2013)
Request to Enter Project Development (Tab 1) (12-31-2013)
Request to Enter Project Development (Tab 2) (12-31-2013)
Request to Enter Project Development (Tab 3) (12-31-2013)
Request to Enter Project Development (Tab 4) (12-31-2013)
Request to Enter Project Development (Tabs 5-8) (12-31-2013)
Durham County and Orange County Bus and Rail Investment Plans (12-02-2013)
Wake must advance transit to advance itself (11-14-2013)
Publicity for D-O LRT public meetings on Nov. 12, 13, 14, 2013 (10-16-2013)
Transit talk at last in Wake County? (08-25-2013)
Pay now for transit future, pay soon for transit present (04-03-2013)
Planning Affordable Housing near Durham-Orange Rail Line (03-26-2013)
Experts: Plan early for affordable housing on light rail corridor (03-19-2013)
County raises vehicle fees to generate transit money (03-12-2013)
He’s not ‘The General,’ but he’s the boss at DOT (01-07-2013)
TTA will start collecting transit sales tax in Orange, Durham counties next year (12-15-2012)
Buses, trains might alleviate Beltline construction woes (12-05-2012)
Orange County voters approve transit sales tax (11-07-2012)
Half Cent Transit Tax Passes In OC, Rural Areas Overwhelmingly Vote No (11-07-2012)
A vote for the future of all (10-31-2012)
Tax just one piece of transit puzzle (10-28-2012)
Guest column: We need a plan, not a tax, for transit (10-24-2012)
N.C. 54 light-rail plan based on cost, riders, development (Part 3 of 5) (10-21-2012)
Transit plan meets public eye: Voters weigh tax for bus, light rail system (Part 1 of 5) (10-17-2012)
Plan: Transit, development grow hand in hand (Part 2 of 5) (10-12-2012)
WUNC radio story on bus/rail improvements in Durham (11-02-2011)
Bus, rail transit plan backed (05-12-2011)